Ordering translation of press releases that require prompt announcement

Tips for Ordering Translations of Press Releases while Maintaining Timeliness

June 6, 2016

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Press Releases and Timeliness

For the global expansion of business, information must be proactively transmitted to the entire world. Press releases related to new products and events, in particular, need to be promptly announced and hence the content of Japanese announcements needs to be translated expeditiously. In this article, we present the keys for ordering translations while maintaining timeliness.

Purpose and Requirement of Press Releases

First, let's consider the purpose of sending out press releases. The purpose of press releases is to have media reporters read them and transmit that information in the form of news articles. The readers of press releases meant for foreign countries are overseas media professionals. Grabbing their attention is the first step toward making the information known in that corresponding location.

Hence lucidity, expressions that would grab the attention of the readers and density of content are necessary. The press releases for Japan are written in simple Japanese and with catchy phrases. Translating these press releases requires advanced techniques of translation, adequately considering readers of the target language.

Keeping the Most Suitable Translators on Standby According to the Time when the Source Document is Expected to Become Available

Press releases for new products are sent out around the launch date, whereas those for event announcements are sent out on the day of the event or earlier, as per the timing suitable for the purpose. If prompt announcement is emphasized, keep translators who are most suitable for the translation content on standby according to the time when the source document will become available. If there is a time difference with the receiver of the press release, consider overseas translators, so that overseas reporters can receive the release almost at the same time as the release in Japan.

Furthermore, for media such as newsletters that are planned to be released on a regular basis, it is preferable to have dedicated translators. This works out to be efficient, as the expressions are consistent; the translators become more and more familiar with the content, and are able to provide a faster turnaround.

Sharing Prior Information with the Translators

For press releases that require prompt announcement, the chances of it being covered as a news article decrease if overseas transmission takes too long due to the time and effort required for translation. For timely and prompt transmission, it is important to share prior information with the translators to the maximum extent possible. For example, for a new product, one can inform the translators about the launch date and the date when the press release draft will become available, and explain the details about the new product to the best of one's knowledge.

Also, if an earlier model of the product is available in the market, the translators can get a better understanding of the product through prior research and prepare for the actual translation. We recommend that information about the company sending out the press release or translations of previous press releases, if available, be passed on to the translators. By receiving translations that are consistent in style and are in accordance with the company policy, the amount of editing required before the press release is sent out, can be reduced.

Timely Transmission of Information, even Overseas

A delay in transmitting information due to the expansion of business from within Japan to overseas, may give rise to concerns about overseas expansion thereafter. We need to be thoroughly prepared to ensure that information can be transmitted in a timely manner, irrespective of whether it is within Japan or overseas.

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