Freelance Translators Wanted

At Arc Communications we are currently looking for freelance translators in the fields listed below.
For those interested, please apply for a trial translation. Following this, a passage of sample text for translation and an in-house skill sheet will be sent.

  • *Please refrain from applying for trial translations in multiple fields. Please apply for the field you specialize in.

Application Conditions

Only applicants fulfilling any one of the following conditions may apply.

  • Candidate with 1 year or more paid translation experience (Freelance or in-house)
  • Candidate who holds translation certification (ATA certification, etc.)
  • *Please note that actual translation work will be requested in Japanese by e-mail or over the phone. In addition, candidates must also have a working use of Microsoft Office software such as MS Word and MS Excel.

Translation Trial Fields

Japanese-English (1) Business General

Translation Trial Process

Application for a translation trial/Receipt of text for translation: Application form here

Trial translation text and skill sheet sent by Arc Communications

Submission of finished trial translation, skill sheet (Japanese), resume and a detailed work history: Submission form here

Trial evaluation is made, with the candidate being contacted by Arc Communications regarding future work.

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