Supporting Your Japanese Market Entry

For those looking to expand their business into the Japanese market

Arc Communications offers global business communication solutions, providing translations for vital market entry items:

communication solutions

When entering a new market, Japan or elsewhere, communicating your message effectively is essential to success. Effectively can mean many things in different contexts. Here, it is vital to speak in a manner most attuned to your intended target audience, taking into account the unique language, culture and customs.

Japan Market Optimized Communication Output
to maximize your business potential.

In addition to your marketing and promotional materials, here are some other essential items for communicating with the Japanese market that Arc can support:

communication solutions

And, much more… Contact us with your specific needs.

We Go Beyond Translation

Arc Communication is not just a translation house. Rather, we are a true, one-stop shop for your market entry communication needs.

Finding, selecting and maintaining multiple vendors at time of new market entry can be very demanding and cumbersome. By working with Arc, you will have access to all post-translation processing needs.

post-translation processing

Arc Communications utilizes know-how accumulated from years of experience in the field of business communication, the latest technologies and proprietary development tools.

Let us be your one-stop market-entry communication solutions provider to fulfill your requirements in terms of quality, cost and delivery.

Business communication services by field


Car navigation manuals, news releases, service manuals


Press releases, white papers, contracts, hotel operations manuals, CSR, annual reports, speech script, corporate governance


Gas chromatography, brochures, biochemistry, analytical instruments


IFRS, financial statements, IR, reports for general shareholder meetings


Search sites, e-commerce, semiconductor manufacturers sites, payment sites, listing advertisements, tele-conference system materials


Network management systems, storage management software, operation systems, DB, security software, security hardware devices, office suites, CAD/CAM, ledger management software, ERP, video games, e-commerce, e-learning, digital music players, enterprise solutions, electronic document creation software, image processing software, music creation software (DTM), digital camera processing software, GIS, mainframe emulators, disk drive virtualization software, multiboot software, MT dictionary creation, UML, search sites, listing advertisements, cloud computing


Storage devices, printers, photocopiers, scanners, projectors, precision measuring instruments, manufacturing robots, computers, printer plants, aircraft operation manuals, FAQ for game console development, game console specifications, household appliances

Medical Device

Blood pressure measuring instruments, AED, artificial heart-lung machines, image processing software

Medical Science

Medical books, theses, implant guidelines


Clinical test reports, approval application materials


Data sheets, exhibition materials, white papers, web sites for developers, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, semiconductor inspection equipment, steppers


PDA, PBX, ubiquitous software, base station converters, mobile phones, instruction manuals for base stations and mobile stations

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