Trial Successes

Translation Requests Following Successful Trial Translations are Performed by the Same Translator

At Arc Communications all translation trials are performed by translators who will be in charge of translation given that the trial is successful. This way, the translation trial itself is a fair indication of the kind of quality that can be expected once translation work begins in an official capacity.
Below are some examples of the translation trials where we met and exceeded our client’s quality expectations, all of which have led to long-term business relationships that continue to this day.

  • Machine vision development manufacturer: Product catalog (English-Japanese translation)
  • Large IT manufacturer: Marketing materials (English-Japanese translation)
  • Large auditing firm: Global audit methodology (English-Japanese translation)
  • Large university prep school: School gazette (English-Japanese translation)
  • Opinion survey company: Survey on global migration patterns and job creation (English-Japanese translation)
  • Securities firm: Tremont multi manager fund materials (English-Japanese translation)
  • Investment management firm: Market review (English-Japanese translation)
  • Investment trust management company: Report on the corporate bond market (English-Japanese translation)
  • Investment trust management company: GS BRICs portfolio (English-Japanese translation)
  • Manufacturer of analytical and measuring instruments: Product information (English-Japanese translation)
  • Large IT manufacturer: Booklets for management (English-Japanese translation)
  • Large auditing firm: IFRS outlook (English-Japanese translation)
  • Internet sales company: Website (English-Japanese translation)
  • Large paper manufacturer: Group activity charter (Japanese-English translation)
  • Camera, office equipment manufacturer: Website (Japanese-English translation)
  • Economic policy research: Materials relating to international symposium (Japanese-English translation)
  • Real estate investment, brokerage, fund management firm: Real estate fund composition targeting facilities for senior citizens (Japanese-English translation)
  • Company providing mediation services between translators/interpreters and clients: Documents entitled “Promotion of principle base regulations for wholesalers” (Japanese-English translation)
  • Large manufacturer of office products and electronic materials: Website guideline materials (Japanese-English translation)
  • Investment management company: Documents on risk category balance (Japanese-English translation)
  • Financial consulting firm: Documents on “IT investment trends in the Japanese insurance industry” (Japanese-English translation)
  • Diversified chemicals manufacturer: Translation materials (Japanese-English translation)
  • Large tobacco company: CSR reports (English-Japanese, Japanese-English translations)
  • Software development platform: Project tracker guidelines (English-Chinese/Korean translations)
  • Famous fashion brand: Press releases (Japanese-Simplified Chinese translation)
  • Consulting firm: Materials relating to “IT strategy and IT applications” (English proofreading)

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