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The Growing Need for Translations amidst the Internationalization of Japanese Universities

May 16, 2016

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Nowadays, internationalization is rapidly moving forward both in the business world as well as in educational institutions. As a result, the need for education-related translations is particularly increasing in universities. Universities are that interval in a student's education when they are one short step away from becoming members of society. This step is an important one, as it trains global personnel which will be able to flourish in an international society.

In order to become international, universities need to acquire excellent foreign students, effectively provide their information to the public, and proactively submit great treatises. Apart from this, they need to provide their large volumes of textbooks and syllabuses in a translated format for classes given in English.

With Regards to Acquiring Excellent Foreign Students

That which provides Japanese students with a good motivation, and supportively sets them off up the ladder toward a global perspective at an early stage is in fact the student lifestyle which comes with foreign exchange students. In order to gather excellent foreign students from all over the world, it is crucial to first set up a system for foreign exchange. Then, once this environment has been established it can be publicly used as university information on a website. A website, which would represent the university, will obviously include all policies regarding foreign student admission as well as the university's objectives. A translation which clearly conveys the university's character is needed. Not one which literally translates the Japanese text word for word, but one which shows consideration and sincerity in a direct appeal to the readers.

Besides, what is truly effective in capturing the attention of foreign students is overseas treatise submissions. A high-quality treatise stimulates the urge to study, motivates one into saying "I want to study in that class" and becomes an opportunity for a foreign exchange. A treatise is an indicator for measuring a university's quality, so the translation should be done by a native speaker who has experience in that field in order to produce something that sounds natural and correct.

A Demand for Translations in Classes Imparted in English

In recent years, the amount of university courses in Japan where credits are obtained through classes given solely in English is also increasing. On the one hand, these are provided with native English speakers in mind, but they are also a magnificent way for students to perfect their English skills in aiming to work within an international society in the future. In classes given in English the textbooks are all in English, obviously, and so are the hand-outs. A translation done by a native speaker, as well as quality control also done by a native speaker would surely provide material for a great lectures.

And also, together with the internationalization of universities, universities which are including an English version of their syllabus on which a lecture's outline is written are also increasing.

The Internationalization of Universities is the Key to Training Competitive Personnel

These universities at high-levels of internationalization are becoming the ideal spot for sending out competitive people out into the world of the future. From now on, the internationalization of universities will surely continue to steadily grow. The foundation for nurturing global resources is universities, and all related translations must meet those high quality standards.

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