Press Release and Newspaper Article Translation

Do you want to send press releases related to new services and products for Japan or Asia, announcements related to personnel changes, magazine and newspaper articles featuring your company to an overseas branch on the same day that they are published? You can depend on Arc Communications to handle the translation of press releases and newspaper articles, for which timeliness is particularly important.

In order to deliver the necessary information by the required hour, Arc Communications will accelerate the process, from providing you with an estimate to assigning a translator. Please feel free to consult us when you want to communicate the content of your company’s business or movement as quickly as possible.

Arc Communications provides assistance in diminishing the time lag in information caused by language differences.

Past Translations

Newspaper Articles

We have translated articles published in morning editions (about 1,000 characters) by late afternoon.

Press Releases

We have translated press releases published overseas in the late afternoon Friday JST (about 2,000 words) by the following Monday.

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